Roxanne Beebe

Roxanne began her creative career by focusing on her jewelry and gemstone interests. She apprenticed for a manufacturing jeweler partnership in Menlo Park, Ca, for 3 years, fulfilling a dream and setting the stage for a life goal of being a Jeweler, and eventually, an Award Winning Designer. Another dream was to travel. She was able to travel through Baja & mainland Mexico for 3 months each. She then travelled one of the Overland routes across Asia for 2 years, spanning 36 countries, a life changing experience.

She lived in Carmel, Ca, in the 80's, working as a wholesale designer with a partner, some of that time spent in a historical Log Cabin. Change beckoned again, and she moved to Maui, and lived there for 15 years, being named Designer of the Year 2000-2001 by the Hawaiian Jewelers Association.

After a family commitment brought her back to the Bay Area, she explored an interest in making pewter bottle stoppers. Not only are they the perfect, functional, mementos, with their place-names, they also speak to the collector with their carvings of butterflies, whale tails and otters, among others. She was featured on Eye on the Bay in 2010 as one of the  local Pumpkin Artists in Half Moon Bay.. 

Recently, she has embarked on a new hobby- having her watercolors turned into jigsaw puzzles.

Roxanne Beebe
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