Roxanne Beebe

Roxanne was born and raised in Southern California, and was deeply influenced by the the beauty of the Ocean, Palm trees and the fragrant Jacarandas in bloom.  As soon as she could hold a pencil, she began to draw.  Art has continued to be her Grounding Force,  She was fortunate to have travelled one of the Overland Routes across Asia, a 2-year journey which included 37 countries.  She has also spent 6 months in Mexico.

Roxanne discovered jewelry making in high school, and was later offered a 3-year apprenticeship by 2 British Master Jewelers.  She enjoyed a 45-year long career as a Jeweler and Designer in both California and Hawaii, and was named Designer of the Year 2000-2001 by the Hawaiian Jewelers Association.  She also received numerous 1st, 2nd Place and People's Choice Awards during her 15 years of living on Maui.

Skipping ahead to the Present, she has continued following her Bliss by using her design and carving skills in making the original models for the bottle stoppers.  Everything is carved free-hand, including the lettering, out of hard carving wax.  The original wax is cast in Sterling, becoming the Master Model.  That is used to make a production mold, and the lead-free pewters are poured and hand-finished in Southern California.  Roxanne glues in the corks and does the distributing. Her first stopper was the Pumpkin, and she was featured on Eye on the Bay in 2010.  Hobbies include watercolors and sketching with either hand.